Kuran Malhotra

Kuran Malhotra is a graduate of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business with a BA in Finance & Operations and Information Management. During his experience at Georgetown, Kuran dove into his love of photography and the arts. Through photos, he’s able to express emotions about the world around him through a camera lens.

Kuran Malhotra’s love of photography stems back to before he entered college. During his time obtaining his BA in Business Finance & Operations and Information Management, Kuran developed his hobby of photography into a passion. As someone who takes an active role in all of his hobbies, Kuran Malhotra not only takes time to educate himself on his interests, but dives in to become an expert. He loves expressing himself and the world around him through the use of photography. Having been a photographer for many years, Kuran developed an eye for what makes beautiful images. He specializes in monochrome photography. While performing photo shoots, and working as a fashion photographer for a local business, Kuran learned that photography is not just a hobby, but a way to express himself with a lens as his medium.

Through his years on the Dean’s list, while attending Georgetown University, his focus on the fusion of technology in finance increased to become his life’s passion. With many years of experience working with companies, such as Compass, Kuran has helped many small business owners. Using his experience and knowledge, he shows entrepreneurs the basics of finance and how to develop a financial plan. Beyond financial planning, Kuran demonstrates to small business owners the importance of automation within their plans. Merging Financial Technology, Fintech, with small businesses is what Kuran believes will help entrepreneurs and business owners have long-term financial growth and success.