Small Business Advising

As a small business Financial Security Advisor, Kuran Malhotra is dedicated to learning about personal goals for entrepreneurs and business owners. He believes by identifying these goals, advancement and growth can then happen both financially and technologically within businesses. Alongside Malhotra, companies have proven that by building a financial security plan, focused on specific goals and needs, small business owners are able to project growth for years. After defining what goals are needed, he then highlights the financial security products that best fit those goals.

Kuran’s passion for the development of small businesses through technology and finance and helping business owners succeed has led him to the world of FinTech Venture Capital. He continues to provide expert assistance for entrepreneurs and business owners, allowing him to shape the financial future for tomorrow’s technological market leaders. 

Kuran has worked with countless small business owners throughout northern New Jersey, helping them to achieve their goals.

His specialties include website and graphic design, basic financial management, marketing strategy, and process automation.

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